How To Make Money Using Adfly

Make Money With AdflyIn this tutorial I will show you how to make money if you own a blog or website by loading a script into your site and every click on every link will make you a small piece of passive income. All you do is copy and paste the javascript into your blog then you start making money – seems pretty simple eh? 😀

What is is a link shortener service that converts your link into a tiny one just like or The main difference is that PAY you each time a user clicks on the link you create. For further information you can visit their website.

Now I’m going to show you this cool little script that can convert ALL your sites links into ones automatically. So, everytime a user clicks on a link, it will show a small advertising banner at the top of the page and you’ll make a small piece of cash. Imagine if you had quite a few visitors on your site each clicking say 2 or 3 links – That’s going to add up pretty quickly right?

Here it is:

<script type="text/javascript">
onmousemove = function adfly() {
adfly_id = '3080028'; //replace with your ID
banner_id = 'banner';
for (var i = 0; i < document.links.length; i++) {
var hrefer = document.links[i].href;
if(hrefer.match("") || hrefer.match("javascript:")|| hrefer.match("#")) {
document.links[i].href = document.links[i].href;
}else{document.links[i].href = '' + adfly_id + '/' + banner_id + '/' + document.links[i].href;}

Just paste it into your BODY tag of your site. If you are using WordPress as your CMS, i’ve found pasting the code into the footer.php file does the trick nice and easily.


This script will convert all your site’s links, EXCEPT itself, google adsense, javascript href, and ‘#’ href. You can add any other link as exception such as your own site, advertising link, etc. To do that, just add the new || hrefer.match(“your URL”)) inside the IF section of the script.

That’s it.. 😀 Super simple right? I’m going to test this out for a month on a few of my sites and i’ll report back on the results. My only concern is that it could look a bit “spammy” and visitor level could drop OR it could be a tidy little earner. I’ll let you know and thanks for reading! 🙂

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Microjobs – Earn Extra Cash Fast!

A number of websites offer links to one-time or short-term employment. Some of the work pays surprisingly well.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only about 25% of the 16- to 19-year-old population is employed. In some places even the part-time fast-food jobs are snared by adults who are anxious to find work of any kind.

If Junior can’t find a job, maybe he should look for a so-called microjob.

Whether you’re a student home for the summer or an unemployed adult, sites like Fancy Hands and Agent Anything can hook you up with short-term or one-time gigs.

More-specialized gigs, such as writing and Web design, can be sought on sites like eLance and vWorker. Companies like JacksAlive and Fiverr let you offer your skills (whether savvy or silly) for hire.

Somebody out there wants you to pet-sit, deliver cupcakes, set up booths at trade shows, test video games, walk a dachschund, build a website, pick up dry cleaning or do countless other chores or errands. Poking around on a site called TaskRabbit, I found that people were paid to do things like:

  • Take two or three loads of laundry to the laundromat and return it clean and folded ($23).
  • Make sure an electronic coupon works at a restaurant ($12 plus free lunch).
  • Remove and discard packing materials from 30 small boxes, flatten the boxes and walk them downstairs to a recycling bin (up to $29).

That last was “up to” because it hadn’t been completed yet. The site provides a price range that potential workers use to bid on projects.

Who needs a microjob?
Look around on Craigslist, too. That’s where freelance writer Becky Blanton found a $50 job helping a college student load his belongings into a truck (it took 20 minutes). She also landed a $60-an-hour gig speaking into a recorder for a company designing voice recognition software.

“It takes some searching, but there are always one-hour, one-day or short-term, pays-in-cash jobs there,” Blanton says.

Depending on the number of jobs you have time for and the pay rate you command, you might be able to make a living at this. Abigail R. Gehring, the author of “Odd Jobs: How to Have Fun and Make Money in a Bad Economy,” says short-term employment has its advantages.

“Usually you decide when you work and when you take the morning off to sleep, or the week off to go skiing,” she writes. “And the variety of people you will meet, places you’ll find yourself and skill sets you’ll discover are sure to keep life interesting.”

That flexibility makes the microjob a good bet for at-home parents, the underemployed, retirees who want to bring in a little extra and people who already have jobs but want to earn extra money for specific goals.

Making the everyday pay

You might even get paid to do what you were doing anyway. New York City artist Jenny Elfar, who works at home, takes dog-boarding jobs. She’s caring for her own pooch, so why not care for other dogs from time to time?

“It’s not that much more work. I’m making $20 to do the walk and take another dog,” says Elfar, who signed up with DogVacay.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Make a note of it. Keep written or electronic notes of all jobs, so you don’t offer to work a trade fair on the same day you’d already committed to pack Father’s Day gifts for an e-commerce site.
  • Keep an open mind. A category that sounds like a no-go could actually be a good fit. “Grocery delivery” might summon up an image of four or five heavy bags. But one advertised job was to buy and deliver bananas, milk, a box of cereal, an avocado and a container of salad. Someone earned $23 to do this.
  • Think ahead. Booked solid for the next week? Great. But what about the week after that? Set aside a little time each day to search for enough work to keep you busy all summer (or beyond).
  • Be realistic. Allow enough time to do the job right. Otherwise you won’t get much more work. (Some sites allow previous employers to rate/recommend workers.)

Incidentally, these part-time gigs could be one way to test a business idea. A few months’ worth of part-time gigging can help you determine whether there’s a market for your service and to hone your business plan.

How Does Jacks Alive Work?

Selling on JacksAlive is so easy.

View the guide below on how to get started.

How To Sell On Jacks Alive

Create a job you are willing to offer
Share your job with the world using our handy social media tools
You will be notified when your gig is ordered
We will credit your Jacks Alive balance after you successfully deliver your work
Withdraw your earnings to your PayPal
Spend Your Money!

How To Buy On Jacks Alive

Find a job you like and order it
Pay £5 by PayPal or credit card
Track your seller’s work progress, exchange files and communicate
Get your finished work!
You will have 48 hrs after work delivery to ask for fixes from the seller
Provide feedback and review

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Summer Jobs For Students

Summer Jobs For Students All Year Long!

Summer StudentHey Folks!

As Summer’s nearly over and a load of you are going back to university, college, school and further education, I thought i’d drop in a quick blog post with some tips on making those summer jobs last a whole lot longer.

Now, some of you who are new to this site probably haven’t had the pleasure of selling micro-jobs and making a tidy income on the side. You’ve probably been in a bar / restaurant / etc working your fingers to the bone doing something that’s not utilising your skills as AWESOME creative entrepreneurs. So why do it?

Well, now you don’t have to! You can sign up to Jacks Alive (yes, it’s free and always will be), create a job that is in your skill set and post it out on Facebook, Twitter and a load more social networking sites. You can even have a look and see what other people are doing on the site and tweak it so that it’s got your spin on it and make it unique.

Summer Student Jobs

The deal with Jacks Alive is that the marketplace is set up so you don’t need any Start Up Capital, you don’t need a huge client base to get started, you dont need payment infrastructure (although you will need a Paypal account so you can get paid) PLUS you’re not tied into a Business Location with high rents – you don’t even need your own website as all the promo is done using the viral power of Social Media.

You do have a Facebook account right?


It really is a ‘win-win’ situation with sellers using their skills providing resources and services that only take them a little while, through to the buyers who can utilise this expertise at a fraction of what they would normally pay an outsourcing company.

Jacks Alive is constantly looking for ways to help their customers improve the services that they offer – Keep an eye on the blog for regular updates and remember… summer jobs for students doesn’t need to be menial labour at minimum wage. Before you know it you could be pulling in thousands of pounds if you know how to promote yourself.

The only thing holding you back is your imagination. Good Luck & Happy Selling!


Welcome To The Student Jobs Marketplace

Hello world!

Well, hello there 🙂

Jack’s Alive is currently setting up the blog so you should have some fantastic stuff to read when we do our full launch.

In the meantime, here’s a video of some kittens…